Jennifer Minuto

Lawyer, Writer, Composer, Pianist, Advocate, Volunteer

Jennifer received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Massachusetts School of Law and is a practicing attorney, serving clients throughout the State of Rhode Island.  Jennifer is a seasoned advocate in the areas of women’s rights, LGBT rights, elder care advocacy, and the arts and entertainment industry.

Jennifer has spent decades as a community activist, a business leader, a nonprofit director, and an accomplished pianist, musician and composer.  Jennifer also received her Master of Arts degree from Goddard College where she received awards for her work in the fields of psychology and public policy.  Jennifer attended the University of Rhode Island and earned a baccalaureate degree in Women’s Studies while founding an advocacy-based organization.

On top of being an accomplished song writer and musician, Jennifer has been a beacon in the Rhode Island arts and music industry, having received numerous accolades for her contributions to the creative community including being named one of Rhode Island’s “Most Influential People in the Arts.”


As a nonprofit leader, Jennifer also provided fierce advocacy to the elder community and their families.  Jennifer has also served as a member of the Governor’s Council on Higher Education and was a Rhode Island delegate to the National Women’s Political Caucus.  Jennifer is a member of the American Bar Association and the Rhode Island Bar Association and serves on the New Lawyers Committee and LGBT Committee.  Jennifer is also the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Legal/Educational Partnership.

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